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Building a Mental Toolbox

Sweena Seekri, PhD Licensed Psychologist

Individual Therapy

Individual focused 1:1 meetings that allow for in -depth, “I” focused work on all the particular presenting problems

Couples Therapy

Couple with therapist meetings in which the struggling relationship is the “patient.” This format allows for the exploration and treatment of long standing dysfunctional patterns and individual issue contributions

Group Therapy

An approach where multiple individuals with similar difficulties and/or concerns gather with the therapist to learn, share, and connect and grow


A service used by individuals or businesses in need of help with the psychological understanding of a situation, relationship or environment that is not functioning optimally.

About Dr. Seekri

Hello and Welcome to my Practice!

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing independently since 1997. My approach to psychotherapy is best described as eclectic. I utilize many schools of psychological thought to approach your specific difficulty in the most specialized and personal way. In our work together you can expect therapy to help alleviate symptoms of distress, teach new ways to cope, and allow for a new and deeper understanding of yourself.


• Individual Therapy for Adults
• Marital and Couples Therapy
• Group Therapy for Adults
• Business Consultation

Education and Qualifications

  • Masters of Arts and PhD in Clinical Psychology: University of South Dakota, 1991-1996
  • Pre and Post Doctoral Clinical Training: Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 1995-1998
  • Licensed to Practice in State of MD, 1999
  • Advanced Post Doctoral Training in Adult Psychotherapy from the Baltimore Washington Psychoanalytic Center 2008-2010
  • Licensed to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT), 2021

Policies and Forms

I work as an Out-Of-Network Provider for all Insurance Companies. My Patients pay at the time of session and I provide an invoice for the patient to submit to their insurance company. Patients can submit this invoice and receive their reimbursement sent directly to them. I am not paneled to take Medicaid or Medicare.

The Intake session is 90 minutes. I offer psychotherapy sessions that are either 50 or 75 minutes in length. Individuals will choose session length after Intake and will be dependent on scope of presenting issues. Couples therapy will generally require 75 minute sessions.

Initial contact for an appointment is always made through leaving a voicemail. Voicemail will be the most preferred and expected communication with patients. Once a patient is part of my caseload, texting regarding appointment scheduling will be allowed. However, any clinical information or discussion outside of scheduling will be phone contact only. I generally do not email with patients.