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A request for consultation can be quite varied in presentation. Generally speaking: Consultation Services are used by individuals or businesses’ in need of help with the psychological understanding of a situation, relationship or environment that is not functioning optimally. Psychological factors are in play in all areas of life and work. When outcomes, relationships or lack of development/progress are a concern (for an individual or a business), it often helpful to have a specialist in the behavioral sciences observe and evaluate the problem. Recommendations based on psychological theory and research are offered as way to understand and manage the issue from a deeper perspective. My goal for you is to leave this service with a mental toolbox that includes new understandings and approaches to a situation that once was leaving you stuck and perplexed.

The Most Common Presenting Issues for Consultation:

Business Owner Leadership Concerns, Psychological Issues between staff members, Growth of Particular Employee, Psychological Impact of Change in an Organization for Key Employees’s Role, Work with Management and Employee on Professional Development, Dyad Treatment for Business Partners in Conflict,

One time consultation or Second Opinion on Clinical Issues for those with another therapist.

The Process:

Consultation Services (as all the Services I provide) begins with a 90 minute Intake. This first session allows for deep and clear understanding of the issues you want to address. This session also allows you to examine how you feel with my particular style and in the setting I provide. If we agree a the end of this meeting to work together, we move into regularly scheduled weekly sessions that are 75 minutes. An overall, general plan for outcome measurement will be discussed.

The Approach:

My approach to Consultation Services draws on many schools of thought in psychology- however the main the approaches I utilize are Psychodynamic Theory, Cognitive- Behavioral Theory/Top Down Approaches, Neuroscience Teachings and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

I teach you and work from my Program: “Go Left and Be Right”: A Neuro-Emotional Program designed to help individuals use their understanding of the brain to observe, manage and change ones relationship with the self and with others.