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Couples Therapy

When a couple decides to pursue therapy, the relationship (and the individuals in the relationship) is likely in despair. It is common that dysfunctional patterns rule the interaction between the couple, and neither person is able to find a way out of the cycle. Couples therapy may offer perspectives and solutions unseen to the couple. My approach is to understand the problems that exist between the couple, how long it has existed and what is getting in the way to stop or change the interaction.

Treatment is for the marriage, and the relationship is the patient.

In couples’ work with me each member will be: invited to see the patterns in unhealthy relating, invited to see their contributions to the cycle and invited to work on changing themselves so that the functioning of the relationship can change.

The Common Presenting Issues for Couples Therapy:

Lack of Connection, Infidelity, Lack of Intimacy, Constant Arguing without Resolution, Communication Difficulties, Parenting Disagreements

The Process:

Couples Therapy (as all the Services I provide) begins with a 90 minute Intake. This first session allows for deep and clear understanding of the issues you and your partner want to address. This session also allows you to examine how you feel with my particular style and the setting I provide. If we agree a the end of this meeting to work together, we move into regularly scheduled weekly sessions that are 75 minutes. It may also be deemed that one or both members of the couple may need individual therapy before or con-currently with the couples treatment. Appropriate referrals will be made if necessary.

The Approach:

My approach to Couples Therapy draws on many schools of thought in psychology- however the main the approaches I utilize are Psychodynamic Theory, Cognitive- Behavioral Theory/Top Down Approaches, Neuroscience Teachings and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

I teach you and work from my Program: “Go Left and Be Right”: A Neuro-Emotional Program designed to help individuals use their understanding of the brain to observe, manage and change ones relationship with the self and with others.